Sunday, September 07, 2008

Black and White Felt Flower Brooch

This is my latest needle felting adventure:

I made it the other day from black Merino wool and white Tussah silk rovings.

The flower petals have been needle felted in separate layers (each colour layer - two black, one white) and then stitched together with the vintage glass beads in the centre and a circular sieve brooch back on the other side.

The brooch is quite large 3" or 8 cm at the widest point, but it's also very, very light and ideal for anything from coat lapels to silk scarves. I've been wearing it quite a lot as it cheers up any outfit and because it's so pretty and light it works with anything.

If you want one like it (various colours available - greens, purples, reds, blues, black in Merino, or white silk or any combinations thereof), let me know.

Size can be varied as well, if you want it smaller or bigger or with more layers, let me know and the petals can be more pointy if you prefer that (more like a stargazer lily). Anything's possible. :-)

Prizes start from about £10 plus P&P.


  1. I could imagine it pinned to a Jacqueline Kennedy type shift dress.


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