Monday, September 15, 2008

The Indigo Paper Linen Shrug - FINALLY!!!

Here it is finally - Le Shrug! LOL

Took me forever and a day and Caroline was getting extremely impatient to see it (so was I!).

The yarn I used is Habu Shosenshi Paper Linen yarn and the yarn looks a bit like raffia, although thinner, softer and more delicate. It's not easy to knit with but stronger than it looks and I love the way the finished product looks. The yarn (and other lovely ones) can be bought either in the UK at K1 Yarns or in the States at Habu Textiles, the latter has a far great selection being the original importer.

The pattern I used was a free pattern from Lion Brand. There are loads of free patterns if you subscribe to their mailing list. Unfortunately, the pattern required a totally different yarn (mohair which I cannot stand because it itches!) so I had to make quite a lot of alterations and resize the pattern. Part of the reason why it took so long.

Above you can see the ruffle that goes all the way round the neck and the bottom of the shrug in detail.

Above you can see the alterations I made to the sleeves. I added a crochet trim to make the sleeves flare more at the bottom. With the mohair they would have flared automatically, but with the paper linen I had to make adjustments.

Above you can see the main body in detail. I love the intricate pattern the yarn makes with a simple garter stitch. It almost looks like chain mail.

The finished shrug is incredibly light and makes a beautiful rustling sound - almost like leaves in Autumn. The indigo colour is soft and natural and like an Autumn sky.


  1. Wow, that was certainly worth the wait!! Hasn't it turned out beautifully! I still don't know what to use my Shoshenshi yarn on.....

  2. You are so clever Sybille!
    This would look fab in silvery grey, even more chain-metal-like.


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