Thursday, April 03, 2008


Sorry for the pun, couldn't think of anything else for the title... brain not working very well today.

Made lots and lots of stuff as I've caught the wire bug. Just can't stop making things with wire. The next project is already on the drawing board. However, I thought I better take some time out to show you what I've been making... especially since I am SOOOOO pleased with the latest pieces.

Let's start with some more


First, here's my Sweet Pea Ring, made with a sterling wire tube, fresh water pearls in green and silvery grey, sterling silver ball pins and lots of tough love bending in all into shape. The ring is a standard size M but can be adjusted.

This is my Mint Sorbet Ring - check out the matching earrings in the earring section below! This ring has been made with bare copper wire, thick gauge for the ring frame and a darker coloured, thinner copper wire to wrap the beads. This is so pretty and the little crystal faceted beads have a lovely green shimmer and a gorgeous sparkle. The ring comes in a size M.

And here's my Fruit Salad Ring. I love this ring, it's full of sunshine and summer. I've used bronze wire - thicker gauge for the frame, thin gauge for the wrapping. The jewels are: orange sunstone, golden citrine, and minty amazonite. The ring comes in a size M, however, I can make all rings in different sizes.


Been hammering and bashing away. Here are the results.

Number one are the Leafy earrings - a hammered sterling silver leaf with a labradorite dangle. All the findings (including the jumprings and earwires) are sterling silver and handmade.

Lime and Lemon Sorbet earrings. Again, everything handmade, sterling silver, and lime green and pale new jade cubes with lovely handmade little spirals dangling at the bottom.

Ice Cube earrings. These are so pretty with the black oxidised sterling wire and the pale jade cubes interspersed with vintage (Edwardian) crystal seedbeads.

My favourites - Icy Tulips, made with Sterling wire, Sterling chain and earwires and the most gorgeous pyramid shaped prehnite beads. Not sure I can sell these....

Frosty Morning earrings: these have been made with silver plated findings, frosty white sea glass, green faceted crystals, and vintage dangles that hold the sea glass in place. You can see in the first and third picture how the dangles create lovely swirly reflections on the sea glass.

Mint Tea earrings: similar to the ones above, again with sea glass but this time in green, and aventurine round beads and vintage diamond dangles.

Black Star earrings. These have been made with Swarovski headpins bent into ear wires and Sterling silver paddle pins wrapped around the onyx briolettes. Small, but perfectly formed.

Raspberry Sorbet earrings, made with oxidised Sterling silver wire and beautiful sparkly rose quartz briolettes.

Tangerine Dream earrings: Made with oxidised Sterling silver wire and bright orange Chalcedony.

Mint Sorbet earrings: copper with green faceted crystals. See matching ring above.


Ophelia Set

Necklace: vintage brass figure of eight chain, gorgeous microfaceted grey/green crystal, labradorite briolettes, brass wire and lots of patience, TLC and hammering....

Earrings: same materials (except for the chain)

Bracelet: same materials as above, even more patience, and a little angel because I was a good girl going to all this trouble. ;-)

The Etruscan Heart Set: TaDA!!!

This one has been made with more patience and TLC in bronze with little Heishi labradorite beads interspersed between the double heart sections. The necklace is long enough not to need a clasp, however, I could add one if required.

The earrings have been made with more bronze wire, labradorite Heishi and briolette beads and a little leaf instead of the hearts.

Most of the items above should find their way into my Etsy shop some time in the next few days...

Works in Progress

Below are pendants, that as of yet haven't been turned into necklaces. Sometime soon they will be the pretties necklaces and lariats. So watch this space and enjoy a sneak preview.

Funky Pink Heart
pnedant: hammered, oxidised Sterling silver wire and a gorgeous bright fuchsia pink chalcedony briolette.

Fossil pendant: a real ammonite wrapped delicately in square Sterling silver wire.

Art Nouveau pendant: bronze wire encasing the dark green nugget of sea glass, pale grey/silver freshwater pearls and a gorgeous deep green moss agate briolette dangling from the bottom.

Beaded Ammonite pendant: Sterling silver wire - two different gauges, gorgeous Japanase Raku fired beads in a dark brown with a peacock shimmer, vintage crystal beads and a faceted amethyst coloured glass bead in the centre. All wrapped around and around and around to create this pretty pendant.


  1. Argh, I can't stand it, too much gorgeousness! I can't even pick out a favourite - fabulous work Sybille!

  2. the Ophelia set and Etruscan set are my favourites

  3. I love the tangeringe dream earrings! the colours are wonderful, i have just bought som fab blue chain so i'm busy deciding what to do with that!


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