Monday, April 07, 2008

More Wire Fantastic

More wire artisan jewellery. I've really got the bug now. Got myself three proper jeweller's hammers today, just so I can have even more fun! :-)

Writing on the Wall

The first version has been made from bronze. I bent the wires into shape, then bashed them about a bit till they were nice and flat and sturdy, then fixed them together with handmade jumprings. I added handmade clasp so the bracelet won't get lost and a little charm with a cobalt blue, faceted vintage bead. To finish it off it has been oxidised to give it a warm dark hue. The matching earrings are shown underneath.



Here's the Sterling silver version of the bracelet. The wire was much finer so the links are smaller too. I left it 'au naturel' because I liked it's shiny silverness. :-)

Violet Hoops

I adore these Violet hoops. I've made them myself from scratch with thicker, square Sterling wire for the hoops, and thinner Sterling wire for the ear wires. after bashing it about a bit, I added the beautiful, intensely violet chalcedony beads with yet more Sterling silver wire.

Wavy Sugar Drops

Earrings made with some leftover links from another project. The beads are quite large with a Givre coating. They look fantastic together. The ear wires and wavy links are made with brass wire that has been oxidised to make it less shiny and brassy.

Sleeping Dragon Pendant

Another lost pendant that hasn't found its chain YET. It reminded me of a sleeping dragon I painted a while back. See it here. I've made the pendant starting with a simple Sterling wire spiral. I hammered it flat and sturdy, added texture with the other side of the hammer and some netted wire, then I used much thinner wire to wrap around and to add the head and tail and the spikes. The head and tail are made of marquise cut labradorite and the spikes are labradorite heishi beads.

Skyline Bangle: Kiss

This is a completely new design. Sterling wire bent into the shape of something resembling the Manhattan skyline, the adorned and prettified with gorgeous sky blue millefiori beads with little red flowers and crayon red seed beads. This is quite delicate but comfortable to wear and absolutely stunning!


  1. I really like this style of earring, it works so well. Can't wait to see the sleeping dragon completed, and that bracelet is so unusual and pretty.

  2. Lovely to see all your new work Sybille, and so much of it!
    You always have had a fabulous eye for colour combinations, and shapes, but now adding the hand made wire work, it makes the jewellery unique. It is all looking great, but my most favourite of your new pieces is the black bracelet.


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