Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Alison (check out her cute Platypus and her cool photos!) and her kids are always on the lookout for sea glass for me, so I thought they all deserved a special treat.

Green Man Necklace

Alison (if I remember rightly) really likes the Green Man and I found a lovely vintage brass stamping of him which I decided to use in a special necklace for her.

I've also added a nugget of deep green sea glass that, although it has been through my pebble polisher, still has some texture and wrapped it in some brass filigree. The green man stamping didn't have any loops so I created two by bending the sides of his beard backwards and by soldering a jump ring to the bottom of his beard. (That took me longer than making the whole necklace!)

The chain, bead caps, clasp and the little leaf charm are all vintage. I used two different types of chain, one has almost rectangular links, the other has figure of eight links; both are brass.

The beads are all new from the dark green round beads encased by teeny flower petal bead caps to the peridot green flower beads and the Japanese seed beads which are a wonderful dark, matte green.

The final touch was a little dangle made with an eye pin, the aforementioned green seedbeads and leaf charm:

And here's the whole necklace:

Feather Key Ring

Alison's son been busily helping collecting glass, so here's his treat, a key ring made with lovely wooden beads in different shapes, sizes, in varying shades of blue and cream, a lovely ceramic bead with a simple bird drawing engraved in it and a gorgeous feather charm. The beads are all strung on silky rat tail in two different shades of blue.

And here's the third present for Alison's daughter.

Tattoo V2 Necklace

Like the first Tattoo necklace, this was made with spirals that have been hammered flat and then strung together with much thinner wire. However, this time the whole design is slightly smaller and made from copper and bronze wire. I like the two-tone effect after the oxidisation process. I think it really works to make it into something special.


  1. How kind to make these for Alison and her children, bet they love them!

  2. The Green Man necklace is wonderful, very original.


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