Friday, April 25, 2008

Re-invented Black Sun

I am having one of those strange days when nothing seems to go quite right. Found a cool contest on Etsy yesterday with a theme of Cinco de Mayo and thought, hmm, with a few teeny changes my Black Sun necklace would be perfect. So I made the changes and took the photos, ready to upload... and then I just couldn't find the contest anymore!!! Really should have saved the link!

However, I think the changes made it into an even more exciting necklace than it was. Sorry, it's a lovely necklace and much prettier in real life than my measly photographs are showing.

I've added two different coloured turquoise chips (lovely deep cerulean blue and a slightly lighter shade) and a Kyanite rondelle to a bit of shaped wire and then did a fancy swirly bit for a lovely heart shaped turquoise. The blue really seems to set of the gold of the chalcedony and amber, and the oranges and reds of the Carnelian and Coral.

So, all in all I am glad I made the changes. :-)

See for yourself.


  1. The turquoise has really added some 'zing' to this - lovely!

  2. That is exactly what I was going to say! 'turquoise adds zing', great minds think alike eh caroline!
    Sybille, the changes really work well, lovely necklace.


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