Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Venture - Hemp - Night and Day Necklace

My latest creation. :-)

I've been playing with hemp and I wanted to make something totally unique and very organic. The necklace below is made with natural (not dyed) hemp and black hemp. I've used crochet to hold it all together and started with just a chain of crochet, then added a row of half crochet. This was my 'frame' so to speak. Next, I created a layer of whimsical crochet lace with beads all in the natural coloured hemp, which I then followed with more crochet, lace crochet and beads underneath the original layer but this time in black.

Here's the detail shown from the 'day' side of the necklace. I've used mainly shells in light greys and greens and clear lustred beads.

This is the necklace from the 'night' side.

On this side I've used mainly darker grey shell chips, dark grey lustred stone and little dark grey mother of pearl fish with a beautiful 'stick' pendant with a lustre to it as a centre piece. The necklace looks completely different dependent which side is on view.

A truly versatile necklace as it's reversible. :-)


  1. Sybille, this is right up my street - lovely and very original. Together we can convert the world to crochet+fish jewellery!

  2. I really like the reversible idea.

  3. Crikey where have I been lately, Sybille your crochet jewellery is fantastic! Can I ask where you get your wire from, I've just started learning crochet and my normal jewellery wire is too thick to do that with. I'm off to drool over your wonderful creations again!! Best wishes, Karen xx

  4. Thanks so much for the info and yes I bought my fabrics from ebay, that place is terrible for my bank balance! Funny we went for the same fabrics, they are really cool. I'm trying to work on crochet bridal bags and accesories to go with my wedding stationery mainly, thought it would be fun to have unusual linings in some of them. Look forward to seeing yours!


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