Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another hemp necklace - Night Spray

After making Night and Day a few days ago I wanted to make one that was completely black. However, hemp - for some weird reason - reminds me of the sea, so I added some Magatama drops and Toho beads in watery greens and greys to add texture and a little colour. This one now has the look of the sea at night with little bits of sea spray glittering in the light of the moon. Poetic, isn't it? ;-)

So here's Night Spray:And a close-up. :-)


  1. That's lovely Sybille - I like the way the beads look like water droplets. I'm in the process of a seaweed+fish one, but it's taking forever!

  2. I like this one Sybille, the green and black looks lovely together.

  3. A very thoughtful and beautiful piece, Ms. Sybille. Also love the revamp of the site. Very appealing, indeed!


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