Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crochet Bonanza

This crochet lark is quite fun and it gets my creative juices flowing. I've been having fun trying out new techniques and occasionally inventing my own technique.

The first lot are all based on the tubular design I've used previously. However, I have been more inventive with colours and also with the actual tubular design by making it more organic. See for yourself.

Fairy Glen necklace: I've used copper wire with seed beads in different shades of green and copper and coppery pink.
Here the colours can be seen in detail:

Cherub necklace: This necklace was inspired by a Italian church I saw on TV. I've used seed beads in different shades of light blue with lighter and darker gold and a few mauve, gold lustred triangle beads added into the mix.
Here's a detail of the clasp and the beads. The necklace is opened at the front with vintage beads and a little cherub charm part of the design.

Sky Blue set: This set is a birthday present for a friend.

As you can see I've used the tube technique for the bracelet with pale gold, darker gold, and pale blue seed beads. I've added some larger crystal lustred pony beads and a few smartie beads in pale watery blue, all on ivory coloured wire. The difference to previous tube designs is that I've teased out some of the beads/stitches to create a more irregular, organic look.

This pendant is similar to some of the circular designs I've made before however the beads go all the way through the design rather than just the final/first row. I have also created a lacy edge to it.

Sleeping Beauty set: Made with black wire, little fimo roses, red Magatama drops, seed beads in varying shades of pink and green. Like in the set above I've used the technique of teasing stitches and twisting them. I think it works particularly well with this design.

Here's a close-up of the bracelet.
Pomegranate Delight set: This set was inspired by the cover of the book "Pomegranate Soup" (which I still haven't read). I've used a selection of Magatama drops, seed beads and pony beads in red, mauve pink, cream, gold and a few brown ones on bronze coloured wire.

The centre of the pendant is a vintage brass stamping which I felt worked really well with the colours of the beads as it is a lovely warm colour with a soft patina. I've crochet around the stamping and emphasised the heart shape of it.

Here's the bracelet in detail showing all the lovely colours I've used.

And here's a link to the book's author: Pomegranate Soup and many thanks to the author's Irish husband for the lovely comment. I will read the book, promise! :-)

This is the picture that inspired the set:

Berry Power set: This one is mine as I've sold the last red bracelet I made to a friend. :-) I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I've used lots of red beads of varying sizes and shapes and shades on black wire. I love the lusciousness of the design. A final touch were the lovely red flowers.
A close-up of the bracelet and pendant.

Darkest Night: This one is also mine. I have to advertise! ;-)

It combines black and silver beads of similar sizes and different shapes and textures in a simple tubular design.

The next lot is all based on crochet lace. The bracelets below are made in similar ways but with different effects. They look great when worn and are soooo different!

The first one is all in black and it looks stunning when worn. The design is based on a similar large crochet tube with added layers of lace at the edges and black and crystal/black lined seed beads.

A similar design in golds and coppery metallic orange beads.

Close-up of the bracelet:
Blue and ivory lace bangle. This one is made in two layers. There's an inner ivory tube made of pre-knitted ivory wire and an outer tube of crochet with blue beads and blue wire. The two are combined at the edges of the ivory tube with ivory and blue lace. The bracelet can be worn either way (with blue on the outside or the ivory on the outside).


  1. Well even though you have not read the book I think you captured it in your jewlery. Its Beautiful!!
    Annoying Authors Irish Husband

  2. I take my hat off to you Sybille - you are taking crocheting with wire to a whole new level! Lovely stuff, particularly the ones with little flowers. I'm still struggling to master the tubular effect!

  3. These are amazing!!!!!!!!!
    The colours are wonderful!
    I especilaay like the cuffs at the bottom.

  4. Hello Sybille,

    Sorry it's taken me a while to comment.

    Your work is moving so fast, such ideas and original creations, especially since you started the crochet wire, it seems to have really inspired you. It is such a pleasure to visit here, each time I am excited to see what new things there are to see. I am in awe, you have such patience, and as always, a great eye for colour. I really love this style.

    My favourites are the Sky Blue set you made for your friend, and, the cuffs, I LOVE them!

    It is really interesting to read about what has inspired you, the book cover for example.



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