Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Sea Glass Jewellery

I just had to make some more. :-) This wire crochet is definitely addictive - check out Caroline's Blog, she can't stop either!

Below is my kite necklace. The colours reminded me of that moment by the seaside where the sun has almost sunk and there are just a few glimmers of light but everything else seems to be painted in sepia.
The necklace is quite short - deliberately - so the kite hangs flat and looks almost like a stone age spear head. It's a stunning necklace and I am not sure yet that I can part with it. It may be the one I'll be wearing at the party on Thursday....

I've used black enamelled copper wire with small seed beads in black and crystal/black lined with a pale amber bit of sea glass and a lovely faceted drop. The chain and other findings are black plated.

The bracelet below has really captured me. I love it. I am pretty sure I can't bear to part with this. It's just so beautiful.
I've combined little pendants/charms of wire encased amber sea glass with amber lustred Magatama drops, little wire wheels (each one different), and little glass bead drops and shells. The feeling is slightly - maybe more than slightly LOL - Gothic and very filigree, almost like Art Nouveau ironwork. I love the effect and it hangs beautifully.

Below are some earrings to go with the necklaces/bracelets I made. They will be sold separately so people can pick and choose what they want.

The first set has been made with pale green sea glass and silver plated copper wire and silver plated findings. I've added some pale green lustred Magatama drops. I love the watery feel of these earrings.

These ones would go well with the Mermaid necklace. I've used a similar medium green sea glass encased by green wire plus watery green glass tear drops, a few seed beads and some wire beads.

These are really lovely. They would go perfectly with the seahorse necklace. I've used dark green sea glass with a bronze coloured wire, gorgeous lustred beads, bronze filigree beads, and a couple of green seed beads. These earrings are simple but the effect is lovely, very organic.


  1. I love the little wire wheels you have made, they are very unusual and beautiful.
    Good luck with your jewellery party, I hope your guests and customers appreciate all your creations.

  2. I can't stand it ! All this gorgeous stuff!
    I love the black bracelet - reminds me of Lyme Regis with the black cliffs above and the ammonites and beach below. I'm sure you will sell out of all these, they are amazing and so different.

  3. Amazing stuff Sybille!!
    I like the fact that each of the wheels on the bracelet are different, It makes it really interesting, somehow!

  4. The circular crochet and the sea glass works amazingly well.Somehow it reminds me of the diving birds [cormorants etc] at sunset


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