Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fixing Things... - Liz's Brooch

My friend Liz showed me her brooch yesterday and it was in a very sorry state. It had come with a cardigan and was pretty, or would have been if it had been made with more care. Lots of bits of very thin wire had been used and the ends not tidied off so they'd caught and eventually come loose.

There weren't many beads left so I added more. Liz wanted to use it with a brown, black and purple cardigan, so I used the beads that were still on the brooch (the large purple one, the golden ones, and the brown tigereye [?] ones) and added more: garnet, amethyst, red jade and plum coloured glass chips, the pink bead, the deep wine coloured freshwater pearls, plum coloured crackle and amethyst coloured faceted beads and a faceted peach vintage bead.

However, first I had to take it apart completely. Two of the three loops at the bottom of the pin fell off when I took the wire off... Not much left of it, but I had fun using 1 (!) string of deep purple wire to string all the beads on securely. To make sure the wire would stay in place and not move (because I did only have a single loop left to hold it in place), I used some super glue at the back.

Here's the result:


  1. What a useful friend you are! you have made a wonderful job of that pin and I'm sure your friend is delighted with the result.

  2. That's a pretty brooch. Toby has bought some of those big quilt pins with loops on from the jewellery online shop to make brooches, not got round to it yet though!

  3. keeping busy as always Sybille I see.
    Lovely work!


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