Monday, November 13, 2006

More Frantic Beading - Girls Wanna Have Fun!

I sold all my children's (girls') bracelets at the last party, so I spent the weekend and today making more. I haven't finished yet, as I want to make some little wire bracelets as stocking fillers as well.

The first one I made is, admittedly, a bit Gothic, however it would be perfect for a teenager:

I've used very pretty black enamelled, and patterned silver plated hearts, mixed with purple iridescent and black glass hearts and a few glass beads in black and purple.

The second one is made with red enamelled and silver plated flowers, glass ladybirds and flowers, beautiful bright red Magatama beads and cute little butterfly charms:

The third one uses purple enamelled star charms and silver plated stars and a moon charm, and lovely shimmery purple Magatamas and other beads. This one has just been SOLD.

Number four is a fantastic mix of black enamelled butterflies and silver plated butterfly charms and lovely beads in different shades of pink - from pale rose to deep fuchsia. This is so much fun!

The final design is a set consisting of a bracelet and necklace with a centre piece of a mermaid each. Both are designed along a sea theme and have starfish, fish, shells and a wale charm (the necklace only has a large mermaid and 2 starfish charms). I then combined this with lots of beads in varying shades of blue. The effect is lovely and watery.

To make the necklace "extra watery" I've included beautiful teeny Myuki and Magatama drops:


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