Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Fun for Little Girls

As the title says, I've been having more fun... :-) And I have! It is so much fun making these little bracelets, especially as they look so pretty when they're finished.

I've made five ready for the next party. The first one is red, with red and pink flowers and a cute little bunny charm. The seed beads and Magatama drops are glass, the feature beads are all good quality plastic beads to keep little girls safe.

Below is my beading mat with the beads ready for number 2, the pink bracelet. Only the flowers and butterflies are plastic, the rest are glass beads.

Here's the finished bracelet, all fluttery and lovely.

Another bracelet ready to be made, number 3, again, only the flowers and the bunny are plastic, the rest of the beads are glass.

Below is the finished article. This is probably my favourite. It looks absolutely gorgeous in real life (rather than a photo taken with a flash).

Below is number 4, the lovely blue one with little fishies and beads in blues and teal. This is all watery and cool. As before, the fishy things are all plastic, the rest glass.

Steve's favourite - green with orange flowers - like a Spring meadow.

The bracelets are £5 each, but you have to be quick to catch one!


  1. these are sooo sweet- pity i don't have any little neices

  2. This would be good for your class, little kits like this to make up perhaps.

  3. Hi sybille,
    I like the green bracelet best< the colur theme is the same as my room!
    The shell pic you sent us was really nice, lovely patterns, but i have soooo much stuff at the moment and i just haven't got enough time to use it all!
    All the same, thanks for thinking of us<

  4. these are really cute Sybille!


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