Friday, November 10, 2006

It's the Party Season - One down, One to

The first party is over and it went very well. Big thank you to Sheila and Stan for providing the venue, refreshments, help, and all their friends. :-)

Although I find the selling bit quite hard, in the end it was more enjoyable than I expected, especially, since most people seemed to find that one piece of jewellery that was just for them. It's nice if that happens, because it makes it easier to let go. My kind of jewellery is like the pictures I draw, it has always a little bit of me in it, which makes it that much harder to part with it. However, if someone falls in love with a particular design, at least I know it will go to a good home.

Interestingly, people asked me about jewellery classes. I am a bit stumped regarding logistics, i.e. venue, what to teach, the materials I'd need to provide etc... Any ideas?

To show off my design skills I'd decided to wear "Lady of Shallot" - the star on my website at the moment. Unfortunately, I'd never had time to make a bracelet and earrings for it. So, in a design frenzy I made both yesterday so I could wear them with my lovely necklace at the party, where the whole set was admired greatly. :-)

Here are some pictures:


  1. Glad to hear your party went well. jewellery classes sound good!

    Dont really have any proper advice, only ideas.

    Idea for amount to charge: Toby has just joined a ceramics class (adult one) and this is £9 per 2 hour session. There are about 6 - 8 in the class.

    You would have to provide materials, chains, beads etc for your students, so they had somthing to make the stuff with, and pliers, but, you could maybe set out the beads etc in boxes which are labelled, priced, so they have to pay you for them, even just cost price. Also maybe have a leaflet with list of places for them to buy their own beads for the next class.

    You could demonstrate how to use pliers, bend wire, attatch fastenings etc.

    Talk thru how you come up with designs, inspiration etc

    Then let them loose on having a go at somthing. Maybe a different piece each week, earings, brooch, bracelet etc

    Toby suggested printing out some handouts with your designs on, so they could copy, step by step.

    Venue, home would be cheapest! or get a group together and take turns in each persons house each week maybe.

    Anyway, hope this helps.Penny.x
    (Toby has just revamped my bracelet, have a look on our blog)

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous. Glad the first party went well, good luck with the others.


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