Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Frantic Frenzy - Indiana Turquoise, Corazon 2, and Purple Rose

I've been so busy over the weekend updating my website ready for the jewellery parties that I didn't have any time to do jewellery. However, yesterday enough was enough and I finally finished a necklace I'd started a week earlier and made a new bracelet for Fhiona. She fell in love with Corazon, but I'd already reserved it for a friend, so made her a new, similar but different one.

Indiana Turquoise

I love the colours in this - I've used the turquoise heart and drops I used in Corazon (which came all the way from China), added some beautiful connectors I got on Beads Needs UK, green, round turquoise and jade beads, and some very dark turquoise chips. All is held together by some wavy connectors and silver plated chain and findings. It reminded me of Native American jewellery so I called it Indiana Turquoise. :-)

This has now been SOLD.

Corazon, Too
Fhiona was so disappointed that Corazon had gone that I promised her a bracelet that had the feel and colours of Corazon, although it would not be identical. To this bracelet I've added beautiful turquoise shells and I've used teal Magatama drops instead of the red ones, although I've smuggled a few red ones into the design (with the shells). I probably like this even more than the original... which I was going to keep until Liz bent my arm....

Today was another day where I just couldn't face putting yet more price tags on my jewellery for the party, so I indulged myself in making a new bracelet and earrings with lots of vintage beads.

Purple Rose
I recently bought these gorgeous purple vintage lucite hearts together with the dark gold/bronze faceted beads and the fuchsia metal roses. The chain is also new and when it arrived everything finally clicked into place and Purple Rose was "born". The name comes as much from the little roses as the feel of the bracelet which reminded me of the famous Woody Allen film "Purple Rose of Cairo". It has a lovely romantic story that doesn't turn out quite as expected, which made me add the little bronze bird. :-)

To finish off the set I've added some very pretty little earrings. Below the charms are shown in detail.

This has now been SOLD.


  1. Hi sybille,
    I like purple rose best the chain, the gold beads, the purple hearts and the metal roses all go soo well together!

  2. Me too, I like the colours of purple rose, as Toby said, they go well together, and the style of chain is nice as well.

  3. Ah! How lovely! I'm famous! Love the bracelet Sybille can't wait to get it soon!


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