Sunday, December 03, 2006

Velvety Heart for Cats

I am going to have a stall next Saturday at our local school so I decided to make some stocking fillers and necklaces for little ones (and not so little ones).

There are three necklaces with different Chinese porcelain cat pendants. They are so cute and just perfect to be hung on a necklace with some velvety suede and ribbon:

White Cat

I've used deep pink suede and a lovely white satin ribbon with cut out little flowers:

Red Cat

For the red cat I used bright red suede and velvet:

Pink Cat

For the pink cat I used pale pink suede and a pink satin ribbon:

For the not so little ones there's the

Velvet Heart

This is the most gorgeous blue heart with silver and green flecks inside. I've hung it from deep blue suede and royal blue velvet ribbon. The ribbon can be worn like the choker with the heart hanging further down.

and the

Red Pendant

A very simple necklace that looks lovely when worn because the red and green contrast in the pendant works so well:

1 comment:

  1. My fav of the kids necklaces is the top one, I like the lacey ribbon, the cat charms are cute. I hope you sell lots on your stall!


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