Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brooches and Pins

I've had so much fun fixing Liz's brooch, I thought I'd make some more.

Green Brooch:

The brooch is made on a kilt-pin entirely with semi-precious beads and a few vintage seed beads. There is green and pale white jade, several different types of turquoise, dark green goldstone, aventurine, and green agate and of course, a lovely lemonstone heart. This brooch is absolutely gorgeous and special.

The following brooches are made on normal brooch pins:

Copper and Brown Brooch

This brooch is also made from semi-precious beads with a few seed beads in copper lined silver to add texture: amber, brown goldstone, garnet, carnelian and red jade. Lovely deep colours which will go perfectly with this season's fashion.

Blue Brooch

Icy blues mixed with deeper blues. The beads are all glass, but the great variety of beads gives this brooch great texture and a lovely lightness.

White Star Brooch
This brooch is also made mainly with gemstones except for some plain white seed beads for texture. I've also added a little silver star charm for extra interest. I've used everything pale - mother of pearl (the big star and beads), moonstone, white jade, rose quartz and pale lavender lace agate.

And then I made some with hat pins. These are perfect for scarves and cardigans and coats:

Raspberry Brooch
For this I've used a quite long hat pin (around 12cm) with a protector at the end. The stars in this brooch are the raspberry vintage beads. I love those. They are so shimmery and yummy. I've added faceted and lustred and other beads in different shades of red and bead caps and spacers. This is one of my all-time favourites.

Plum BroochThis was made with a hat pin, too. Lovely scrumptious beads in purples and lilacs with different textures, faceted, lustred (or both) or plain, this is just so stylish!


  1. Hi Sybille,
    Lovely colours, especially the copper+brown brooch and the plum hat-pin.

  2. The hat pin brooches are very stylish. Out of the others my favourite is the copper and brown brooch, I love the colours. I would be interested to see what the backs of these look like. You are so patient with all the wiring up you do, they must take you ages to make.


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