Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heroine - Cleopatra

I recently went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and looked (of course) at the jewellery in their Roman/Greek/Egyptian sections. I was surprised how little jewellery has changed since people started wearing it. One thing I really liked was the colours in the Egyptian jewellery. There were lovely deep teal blues (often Lapislazuli or - I believe - Turquoise). The old Egyptians also had a thing about deep, dark reds (I believe Carnelian) and bone/stone colours, all mixed up. I decided to make a necklace that has a similar feel but is more modern. Below is my Cleopatra necklace.

I have used lots of beads including the lovely Chinese Teal beads I've used in one of the Flapper necklaces, deep dark red (much darker than on the picture) glass beads (plain round, faceted, daggers, coin, large and small), topaz golden beads, glass chips, Turquoise, Myuki cubes, Swarovski beads and Magatama drops, all strung on silver plated findings and a memory wire that (compared to deep colours of the beads) is almost invisible. I've gone for the memory wire because I wanted the beads to lie flat.

And here are the matching earrings:


  1. I have always liked looking at old jewlery. Have you ever seen the Sutton Hoo stuff in the British Museum? The pins and pendants there have got to be my favorites.

  2. I like the colours of this necklace and the shape.


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