Friday, November 01, 2013

A different season altogether

Each year I try and design a Christmas card and I spend a lot of time thinking of something that is a little different and that works for those who believe in Santa and those who don't.
This time I went back to the roots of Christmas - beginning with Herne and the wild hunt and the 12 days of Christmas to the invention of Christmas as we know it in Victorian times (with cards and a tree) and then I threw in a little Alice in Wonderland for good measure and because it's fun. 
If that is not your cup of tea (literally) there's always the text (mostly) card with nothing but good (vintage_ wishes for the coming seasons.
All images © Sybille Sterk
Do not copy or publish this in any way, shape or form without my written permission.
Mostly bought resources, some free and some my own. 

Take your pick. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Very unique - I like these, it's good to have choice rather than the same old robins and Santas.


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