Monday, April 23, 2012

Shift Your Attitude Necklace and More Cambridge Collection


A necklace with attitude - mix of vintage and new OOAK (One of a kind).  
For sale: £28 + P&P

Cambridge Collection 
A walk around Cambridge - exclusive print collection, get them on Redbubble. 
Train Leaving in the rain....
Spring Leaves in the park...
Rain One - my new umbrella and a puddle. :-)
Rain Two - my new umbrella again with another puddle...

Pink Ivy - ivy growing on a wooden fence with a special filter.
Pink Park - images from the park with the special pink filter again...
Park - moody rain shot.
Natural Mirror - my favourite shot of the day - reflection of trees in a puddle. I love the magical feel of this. This was also my entry for week 16 of the 1/52 project.
Moody Mill - the old derelict mill in Cambridge and the train station, with the pink filter. Love the end of world feeling in this shot.

Hazel - love the sumi-e feel of  these two shots.
Eggs - a sign I walked past on my walk.

It's so much fun to walk around and just shoot pictures from the hip. I've used the random setting on my Hipstamatic app to create the different effects and then took them into Photoshop to edit them and emphasise the feeling of each one.

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