Thursday, November 24, 2011

All the Jewels in the World

MCN: CJ8QP-G46MD-4963V
The mirror and jewellery are my own. Most of the jewellery is handmade (by me). I've got it hanging on the mirror so it doesn't tangle up, and because it looks so pretty. LOL  To me it has the look of the mirror Snow White's evil stepmother used. Something very feminine and personal, a woman's armoury. ;-)

Part of my new series of images for licensing on Arcangel-Images - use this code: SYST-0034

Created with my own photographs in Photoshop, no stock used.

All my licensing images are available on Redbubble, Artflakes and Bluecanvas as prints, cards, posters, skins for laptops, Blackberry, iPhones and other phones (for the skins go to Bluecanvas).

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