Thursday, November 10, 2011

Feature in Digitalis Magazine and other news

It's been a busy two weeks. 
After my computer crash and involuntary break in creating art, I've been busier than ever getting my art on Arcangel-Images. I am still totally swamped as I need 40 images all created from my own photographs and I am only on image no. 19.
I've also added some of my textures to the TextureVault
AND I've been featured in the Digitalis Magazine. You can find the RB group here
Here's the Feature and here it is again, and here it is on Facebook.

It looks totally fantastic and I am so grateful to Thomas, one of the curators of the magazine, for the feature and the wonderful way he presented all my images. :-)

What a fabulous thing to wake up to!


  1. wow you certainly have been busy Sybille-well done to you on the feature in the mag and your photos look really great :0)

  2. That's terrific and well deserved - good luck with getting those 40 images done, you are half way there!

  3. Triple congrats due then! Well done Sybille. x


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