Thursday, September 02, 2010

Memory Garden - Photo Manipulation

Inspired by the novel Little, Big or The Fairies' Parliament by John Crowley and the memory garden described in the novel. The memory garden idea is itself inspired by the method of loci, also called the memory palace, a system to help remember things. The idea has always fascinated me.

For more info check out this:
Method of loci
Giordano Bruno

book assemblage 2 by texturepack
Cherub I by KiwiRose-Stock
Bird Cage by mjranum-stock
Tower 2 by joannastar-stock
field 6 by night-fate-stock
Field Stock 2 by alienjacki-stock
A Rather Large Hill by Mourge-stawk
Backblech 02 by sundel
Clouds image from Texture Pack 1 : Versions by Sirius-sdz
Version 2 of texture 121 by Sirius-sdz
texture 36 by night-fate-stock
Grasses and Plants PS Brushes by redheadstock

All other images/stock/textures/brushes my own.

MCN: CYWS9-1N23R-GB722


  1. Love these latest creations Sybille, very atmospheric and the textures you have used are perfect. I will check out the links.


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