Monday, September 13, 2010

Jewellery - Fly Free Necklace

 This necklace was made specially for a photo shoot by the Cambridge Evening News Style Magazine. The article won't be available until the end of the month and is in aid of British Jewellery Week in October.
Fly Free Necklace
The necklace combines many different materials - some vintage, some modern to create my unique Ecoglam style: wood, horn, bone, paper, coconut, semi precious (dalmation and sesame jasper, jade, turquoise, aquamarine, kyanite, labradorite), kashmiri, woven, metal, and seed beads, plus vintage and modern (bird) charms, vintage and modern chain in brass, silver plated and black.

Detail of the front with flying birds and wooden bird cage
Detail of the flying birds hanging

Detail of a silver and black bird
Detail of the vintage brass sqawllow and a silver plated dove
Detail of the bird cage pendant with brass charms and labradorite against black.
Detail of the bird cage pendant with brass charms and labradorite against a light background and natural light.
 The necklace is for sale, please enquire for details.


  1. oh that's lovely Sybille-some really nice beads and pieces on that :0))

  2. Ooh!! Love the effect of the birds flying away out of the cage - this is a wonderful necklace, very original. I'm going to have to pick your brains about where you got the little sparrow-like charm on the right hand side of the photo....

  3. The necklace is both very pretty and very unusual - congrats on having it included in the photoshoot, Sybille. Bye for now, Lesley x


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