Monday, September 13, 2010

Days out - Muckleburgh and Norfolk Coast

Yesterday we visited the Open Day event at the Muckleburgh Collection at the Norfolk coast. I am not usually that interested in military things however, there were a few items/exhibits that I found very interesting... and it was a heaven for taking pictures of interesting texures. :-) Those should make it into my textures folder in my DA account hopefully soon. So here are some interesting exhibits and shots:
Radar Dish
Full sized plane
Small planes hanging from the ceiling
Uniforms, weapons and other items carried by soldiers through the ages
And my favourite of all - an old BSA painted in desert beige
A special radio from their Radio Shack - I liked the brightly coloured buttons
A tank in action outside
 The next stop on our trip was Happisburgh with it's fabulous lighthouse - you can read about it here, it has an interesting story.

The final stop on our trip was Winterton-on-Sea. Just a couple of coastal shots.
Just a bit of grass at the bank shot against the blue, blue sky.
Shore line with a windfarm faintly visible on the left.

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