Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sea Creatures Mobile

This is my latest venture - I spent the last couple of weeks crocheting my fingers to the bone with wire. ;-) I am so pleased with it though and think it was worth it.

It's a mobile, each individual creature crocheted from wire, sometimes embellished with Habu silk/steel yarn, Habu paper moire, and/or vintage Edwardian clear beads. The actual mobile also includes some crystals from a vintage chandelier.

Here are detail shots of the individual creatures:

Sea Urchin
I tried to stay as true to the actual shape of the creature as I could - within reason and within the limitations of the technique and materials. The octopus was the most difficult one as I wanted it to be '3D' and the legs were complicated at this size with the wire and VERY hard on my hands.

The only tools I used was two crochet hooks, wire cutters, scissors, wire, invisible thread (hanging material), yarn, and glass beads. 


The mobile itself is available for sale as a commission - it will however take me about 3 weeks to make one. The creatures are also available as commissions individually and it will take 2 - 3 days to finish one. The fish always come as a set of five and all creatures come with a little aluminium 'bar' at the top to be hung into a window or from a hook on the ceiling. For prices please enquire by e-mail.


  1. Absolutely wonderful work!

  2. Wow! I don't know how I imagined this when you told me about it, but this is far more elaborate! It's all wonderful - your fingers must be raw. I don't know which little sea creature I like the best - possibly the jellyfish but they are all great - would look fantastic against a blue painted wall. Take the rest of the day off!

  3. oh that's unusual Sybille. I like the little octopus.

  4. I love it!! You're so inventive, Sybille. x

  5. Truely amazing Sybille! I love this.... such a clever idea. Helz x

  6. These are beautiful, Sybille.


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