Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cassandra - Photo Manipulation

Illustration of Cassandra of Troy.

I've always had a thing about Cassandra. My name 'Sybille' is from a Latin word meaning 'prophetess' (Wiki).

This image is set after the fall of Troy and Cassandra  is left with nothing - just a pile of broken bones in front of her and a burning city behind her.

There are variations on what actually happened to Cassandra, but she was given the gift of prophecy by the god Apollo, however, when he tried to get her to sleep with him (or his high priest) in advance for the gift, she refused him. Apollo took part of the gift back - although she still saw what would happen, none of her prophecies would be believed. She foresaw the Trojan Horse and warned her people but they discarded her advice and Troy fell.

The phrase 'I fear the Greeks (even if they are) bearing gifts'  is from the story of the Trojan War and refers to the Trojan Horse - a ruse to get soldiers into the city of Troy as the wooden horse was filled with soldiers.

I think the phrase should have been 'I fear the gods, especially when they come bearing gifts' as the Trojan War started because of a gift Aphrodite gave to Paris - the love of Helena's love - in exchange for naming her the most beautiful goddess.

Despite the gift of prophecy Cassandra had received she could not prevent the fall of Troy.

And the final gift, the Trojan Horse, prooved to be the downfall of the city.

Model:  (Kambriel)
Both with thanks from Marcus J Ranum

Textures and backgrounds:
Sundel, Backblech 01
Buzillo-Stock, Grunge Textures
Hatestock, Firework 44
Dazzle-Textures, On Crack
Sirius-SDZ, Textures
SimplyBackgrounds, Clouds n Sky Stock 12
Teatoo, Fish, net one
Absinthyium-Stock, Flame Textures
Shin-Rhys, Fire Textures

All other textures and stock are my own. The acanthus and Greek key pattern were created specially for this photo manipulation.


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  1. So pretty this one - and good to be reminded of the mythology behind it, I had forgotten this story.


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