Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Photo manipulated image to illustrate the poem Fringe  by Autumnwind.

When I first read the poem I was bowled over and my head was full of images. I told Shar how much I liked it and that I would love to illustrate it for her. She was pleased about that and encouraged me to do so. This is the result. :-)

Featured on RedBubble :

Medieval 16 - light in room by Momotte2stocks
Girl-8 by Buzillo-Stock
Key by tanystock
Feather stock  by Unrestricted Stock from Nikita-Stock
Candle Smoke  by wasd
Vintage Human Skeletal 1 by inspyretash-stock

Cracks in Ice  by LoveLikeHeroineStock
Backblech 04 by Sundel
Detail of a statue  by Enframed

Spanish Moss by Redheadstock

Ribbon Brush by Andragel

The butterflies and the word "Fringe" on the floor are handpainted. All other textures and stock are my own.


1 comment:

  1. It illustrates the poem perfectly, but it is oh so sad....


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