Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dragon's Eye - Experiment - Variations

This was an experiment.

I painted the original in Corel Painter and then used it as a base for 'Altered Art' by adding textures and photographs to make a new altered image.

I wanted to try out the different effects of different textures on the image and see what variations I could achieve using this technique. I overlayed the image with textures and added photos but barely changed the original, in some cases not at all.

The idea for the orginal was to make it suitable for manipulation as I wanted to integrate the techniques used in photo manipulation in my digital paintings to create a new style. I've always been using the patterns and papers in Corel Painter, but this is going a step further by integrating textures and photographs.

Woods Dragon

She was completely lost in the woods. There was no sign of habitation and no sense of the woods ending. She struggled through leaf mulch, over roots, snagging her dress on bramble and snapping twigs. Eventually, when it began to get dark she saw an orange light shimmering through the trees. With nowhere else to go, this seemed as good a direction to head towards than any. She parted the branches in front of her and looked a huge glowing eye. Her heart took a double beat and she tried to retreat back, away from the huge beast....

The leaves surrounding the dragon's eye are all photographs I took with the intention of using them to frame my illustrations. All other textures used in the image are mine, too.

Tapestry Dragon 


She had followed the instruction in the book to the letter, followed one landmark after the other until it lead her here to this dirty window in a part of town she had never been before. She wouldn’t have believed that there was any part of the town that she did not know, hadn’t been before, but the book had lead her here. She decided to follow the rest of the instructions. Standing in front of the window, she rubbed the glass, the looked through. Right behind the window was a tapestry wall, framed by tatty velvet red curtains. She spoke the spell under her breath. A huge eye opened in the tapestry wall. The oracle had awoken…


Stone Dragon

He had lost his way amongst the tall oaks long ago, when he came across a crumbling wall. Behind it loomed a huge structure, partly overgrown with moss, grasses and wildflowers. He decided to climb the wall. Laboriously he looked for handholds amongst the crevices between the stones. Finally, he reached the top of the wall and looked across it. At first he couldn't make out what he was looking at, then he realised it was a huge reptilian eye. It blinked....


All other textures and photos are my own:

The ivy is one of my photos I took at Sawston Hall and the stone wall at the front is part of a wall in the Colosseum in Rome.

Please let me know which variation (or the original) you like best:

If you'd like to know how I created these variations, check out my journal entry on Redbubble.


  1. My favourite is the Woods Dragon - I like the hint of orange and warmth that makes it look more alive than the others to me.

  2. i like tapestry one best Sybille-it's got a wonderful old master feel to it!


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