Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Another experiment after watching another interesting PS tutorial.

This time I went for a different kind of effect. I've always had a thing about Art Nouveau and the way they create something almost magical but in a simple way with subtle colour and ornamental effects. This is my version of an Art Nouveau poster.

I've used a stock photo by M3ment0M0ri of an actress (I believe) called Maude Fealy and a texture by Dazzle-Textures called Destructive News.

The rest of the images/textures are mine, namely a photo of a cherry blossom and one of my Victorian Wallpaper textures.

Featured on RB in Retro Conglomerate Group:
Currently featured as the challenge avatar for the Retro Conglomerate's Vintage Women challenge:


  1. Ohhhhh....nice! (I adore Muchas stuff!)

    ps. I don't like your new comment function thingy...its a pain in my royal gothbut!


  2. This is so beautiful!

    (personally I could give up this snow and below zero, well actually below -10 anyday now...)

  3. This is lovely Sybille - I've been hopping backwards and forwards comparing the original stock photo with the finished 'Blossom' artwork and it's been very interesting to see what you have done. Bfn, Lesley


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