Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Presents - Wrist Warmers and Silk Flower Brooch

It was my friend Nicki's birthday yesterday and I made her some wrist warmers in purple cotton.

Purple Polka Dot Wrist Warmers

When the cotton yarn I'd ordered from eBay arrived, the purple was dull and dreary. It's a lovely yarn but the colour was terrible. So I ordered some yarn dyes and dyed it. The result was a lovely deep purple, much more intense and a lovely shade. I am so pleased with my first attempt at dying yarn. The only problem was, despite tying up the two balls of yarn in skeins, one tangled up so badly it took me 3 hours to just untangle a quarter of it! It's still all tangled up... luckily the other one was okay and I could knit with that.

The pattern is my own. There's a small pattern along the bottom of the front and then the lacing with the polka dot ribbon.

On the back I've used a cable pattern as I find it means that the wrist warmers keep their shape better this way, which is especially important as I've used cotton. Cotton tends to loosen up when you wear it, and it usually means washing the wrist warmers to make sure they tighten up again.

Nicki seemed very pleased with them, especially as she'd been nicking the wrist warmers I made for her daughter (see here, Funky Punk Wrist Warmers) for Christmas. These match Nicki's coat much better. :-)

Instead of buying her flowers, I made her one to keep and wear.

Rhapsody in Silk Flower Brooch

This is my first silk flower made with dupioni silk in wonderful shades of duck egg blue, turquoise and purple, teal taffeta, ivory organza and hand crocheted flower and petals. Each layer of silk and taffeta was embroidered with embroidery cotton.

There's a lovely turquoise button in the centre with three teeny purple fresh water pearls for a finishing touch.
I am pleased with how the silk flower turned out so will make more. I like the vintage, shabby chic feel of it.


  1. oh you have been busy Sybille.
    Very pretty things :0))

  2. I love the wristwarmers with their little polka-dot bows, but my favourite is that funky brooch!

  3. You have been busy, so many lovely things to see each time I visit your blog! All very pretty, but I especially love the latest, the purple cotton wrist warmers.


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