Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little Heart of Two Hearts - Commission

Here's a heart necklace I made as a commission for a dear friend.

I made her heart earrings for Christmas and this is the matching necklace ordered by her husband and sons for Mother's Day.

The heart was cut from sterling silver, filed, shaped, a hole punched into it so I could attach it to a chain. I also bashed the living daylights out of it to give it a textured look and stamped two tiny hearts into it.

I included 2 prehnite faceted beads into the design:

Below you can see the tiny little hearts stamped into the big heart.

Here are the matching earrings:

I just had a text from her and she loves it. :-)


  1. I really like the battered, aged look of the heart and the two little stamped hearts make it extra special.


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