Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Frost Flower Lace Scarf

My lovely, lovely Frost Flower Lace scarf:

I've used both Habu Silk Mohair in a pale shimmery grey and a silk/linen mix in a soft light denim blue running alongside to create this scarf - both yarns are as thin as sewing thread and together they create a stunning pale blue with the softness of the mohair/silk and the crispness of the silk/linen.

I had real trouble for some reason to memorise the lace pattern, but I love the way it creates little flowers or maybe snowflake patterns.

The edges of the scarf have been crocheted and beaded with clear Matatama drops and there's a flower brooch that comes with it - partly knitted and trimmed in more Magatama drop beads, partly organza in various shades of blue, grey and silver and with a vintage faceted crystal bead in the centre.

The scarf isn't as long or wide as some of my other scarves, but perfect for Spring and Summer or even inside in the Autumn and Winter. It's extremely light and floaty and complements a whole range of colours.

The scarf will be available in my Etsy shop shortly together with the flower hair barrettes and clips.


  1. Very pretty, I like the little beads at the bottom.

  2. Wow! This really is lovely, I love the delicacy of it.


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