Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dragon Lace Scarf and Fingerless Gloves

This is my latest offering - another lace scarf, romantic and elegant and with a definite Spring theme. The weather might not look much right now, but Spring is coming. Definitely. :-)

I wanted to make a versatile scarf that would go with almost anything and that was light and could be worn in lots of different ways. This scarf is long enough to be worn as shown above, just with a single loose knot or as below with a big bow. It can also be worn wrapped around your neck twice. Either way it looks like Spring around your neck.

Below is a picture of the scarf in flash light which shows off the shimmer of the Habu silk yarn in pale green.

The main part of the scarf has been knitted in a lace pattern that reminded me of a dragon's scales in the pale green Habu silk; the lace at the bottom is crocheted in a web pattern in a a lovely soft cream linen and silk mix. I have also used the cream linen/silk mix for the edging around the main (green) part of the scarf. Habu moiree paper linen and Habu steel covered with moss green wool knitted in a vine along the ends of the scarf separates the main scarf from the lace at the bottom and adds texture and an organic feel. The flower on each end has been knitted with a mix of three of the yarns used with 2 buttons in the centre of each flower creating a focal point.

Below are the matching fingerless gloves. Like the scarf they are my own design. The pattern for the dragon lace came from a Simply Knitting magazine (March 2009/Pattern Library).

I have used the pale green Habu silk yarn and the silk/linen mix from the scarf to make the gloves. The area around the wrist has been knitted in the green Habu yarn in the dragon lace pattern. It is split at the side and laced up with a cream organza ribbon that has a pearlescent coating. This allows the glove to be adjusted to your wrist size. The upper area of the glove has been knitted in ribs in the round with a picot crochet edging at the top, around the bottom and around the thumb of the glove.

Above you can see why I called it dragon lace.

Like the scarf the gloves continue the Spring theme not just with their colour scheme but also with the flowers above the wrist. The design for the flower is by Nicki Epstein - buttercup - although I added a flower button in a pale yellow rather than the suggested French knot. This time it was just knitted in the Habu silk.

The gloves would fit a medium sized hand/wrist, although there is give in the yarn. If you're interested but not sure if the gloves will fit, feel free to contact me and I will send you exact measurements.

The scarf and gloves will be sold separately in my Etsy shop, although together they would make a great set for a wedding or special occasion outfit. The gloves have been sold but the scarf is still available.

News: What's to come?

First, I think, it will be another lace scarf/fingerless gloves set, this time in Habu silk in a pale red with a fishtail lace pattern and more crochet lace in cream. I might add accents in burgundy rough silk yarn.

I also just managed to get some salmon leather - leather made of salmon skins, which normally would be a waste product of the salmon industry. The leather is fantastic, with a soft finish (just like very soft thin leather) and a scaly texture, and it doesn't smell of fish one bit. Check out this shop on Etsy for pictures: Gatsu Shop. I have several projects planned for this.

Another thing I managed to get was some gorgeous silk remnants. The idea is to combine them with some of my other techniques/materials to make handbags and accessories.

Then, there's that gorgeous faux Shibori scarf I really, really want to knit...

Then, there's that shrug I really really want to make in my gorgeous teal seacell and merino yarn... and many, many more projects.

There will also be more organza and tulle flowers in various colours, some fascinators with gorgeous feathers and whatever else I really, really need to make....

So watch this space.


  1. The scarf is gorgeous, I love the colour, pattern & drape of it. Those fingerless gloves are beautiful too - well done on your design, they are like lacy Medieval gauntlets - where's my wimple!
    If you manage to find the time for all your new projects, let me know your secret, I could do with a few extra hours in the day too!

  2. Very pretty!.... =]
    In answer to your question, the chain is a faded gold-plated colour.

  3. Amazing man, i think that was great, really like your work and all stuff you shown here...


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