Monday, March 09, 2009

More Flowers in Your Hair - Green and Gold and Purple Triplet

I've made quite a few flowers over the weekend, but some have to remain secret as they are surprise presents.... however, they'll be on here as soon as their owners have received and seen them. For now,

Green and Gold Hair Barrettes (matching pair)

Unlike the previous hair barrettes these have been made with layers of tulle sandwiched between the organza. I am very pleased with the extra texture this adds.

This matching pair of flowers for your hair has layers of organza in gold, cream and dark green stacked up and interspersed with layers of golden/sand coloured tulle.

The layers are held together by teeny watery green Magatama beads. The barrettes are covered with organza ribbon to soften sharp edges.

The pair will shortly be available in my Etsy shop.

Purple Triplet Hair Barrette

This larger triple flower hair barrette has been made for Alison. She thought the Midnight Hair Barrette was a tad too dramatic for her so I made this instead:

I made three flowers from layers of lavender, purple and black organza, interspersed with black tulle for texture.

The large flower has a lovely purple bead with purple Magatama beads in the centre to hold it all together.

The two smaller flowers only have Magatama beads in the centre.

The colours are quite intense in bright sunlight or flash light. In normal daylight they are slightly more muted.

Background Info:

Each flower is made from several (up to 39 - so far) layers of organza and tulle, which are individually cut from larger sheets of fabric. In the next stage the edges of the organza (and sometimes the tulle) are singed and then layered on top of one another and stitched together with beads and/or buttons in the centre. The final stage is to sew the flower onto a brooch back/hair clip or barrette. No two flowers are the same, although I do use the same templates for all of the flowers I've done so far. In the flower brooch for the Frost Flower Scarf I've combined the layers of organza with a knitted flower and beads.

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  1. These flowers are so, so pretty! I like the extra layer of tulle.


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