Saturday, December 27, 2008

Late Afternoon in the Park

Last week, when I needed a break from all the rushing around, knitting, wrapping presents and organising Christmas, I went for a walk in the park with my camera. I took lots of photographs for a new project, but also a few just for fun which I then played around with in Photoshop (TM).

This one was through the branches of a willow tree at the late afternoon sky:

This was through the branches of a different tree. I like the almost Rackham quality of the image.

This is the sunset all in peaches and apricots with a few dashes of vanilla. Looks almost edible to me:

This one reminds me of a horror movie. Maybe the view out of a frosty window.

This one was another picture of the early evening sky but I changed it so much that it now looks like a print on silk. I love the 'Japanese' quality of it.

Finally, the willow tree. I love willows and the rustling of their leaves in the wind. The original photo looked dreary and grey - like a proper English winter - but this now looks like a woodcut where you see the lovely lines made by the tree trunk and the branches. You can also just see the birches in the background.


  1. Lovely pics - isn't it great when there is no rain!

  2. i particularly like the Japanese type picture- it really is like painted silk-amazing


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