Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

I did promise, and here it is - my 2008 Christmas card.

Of course there's no red, no Santa, no busy
little elves, BUT there's a little snow... I just wanted to do something different and decided to do something I really enjoy which is drawing flowers and plants, and what says Christmas more than mistletoe? Well, there's the obligatory Christmas tree and holly, but I prefer mistletoe as the berries look like little moons which are a reminder of the original winter solstice.

There's also some good news. I've finally had confirmation which of my illustrations were accepted for the Big Book of Contemporary Illustration by Martin Dawber. The illustrations are: Dragonflies, Alchemist's Cupboard, Red Back Spider and Marylinin Ottawa orchid. Some of which were on this blog or can be found on my ArtWanted site.The book should be published in Autumn 2009.

For now, thanks to everyone reading my blog and I hope you have a very merry Christmas and 2009 will be a successful and happy year for all of you.


  1. Beautiful card Sybille, love the subject and the colour scheme...would be great as a 'real' card! Congratulations on the book!

  2. Hi Sybille,
    really lovely design- colours are so nice.
    Good luck with the book...nice to see your work in print.
    Re my blog-yeah a kind of early xmas pressie to myself! he he!
    Hope the yummy yarns come in handy :0))


    love from Goth and the Gothettes!


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