Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daisy-Chain Spectacle Chain

This spectacle chain was a custom order, and I'd never thought of doing it quite this way if the customer hadn't requested something similar to my daisy chain necklace. However, now I've done one I think I'll do more like this in various colours as I am really pleased with how it turned out.

This particular chain is quite long but it can be done at any length. The 'chain' part was crocheted with teeny crocheted flowers.

I then added various flowers (mostly glass apart from the pink centre piece which is vintage lucite) and teeny beads and sewed them onto the crochet flowers.

The flowers near where the chain is attached to the glasses are smaller than the others so they don't get caught in strands of hair.

I've chosen flowers in red/blue/white and lilac with matching beads, which I think are set off nicely by the black cord I used for the chain.

Despite the glass flowers/beads the chain is light but heavy enough to hang nicely and keep you looking pretty whilst making sure you always know where your glasses are.

If you'd like to commission a daisy-chain spectacle chain in colours of your choice, contact me. The price is around £15 plus P&P. I also have semi precious flowers in which case the chain would be slightly dearer.


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