Friday, October 17, 2008

Scarflettes - Autumn and Stormy Day

Here are my latest knitting adventures - scarflettes.

Scarflettes are little scarves that keep you just as warm as the big scarves but are more versatile. If you are a cyclist like me, you know what hassle it is when it's a bit windy and the scarf keeps blowing into your face. This is the solution.

The designs are all my own.

Autumn Scarflette

This scarflette has been made with loopy fluffy mohair (80% mohair, 16% acrylic, 4% polyester). The loops in dark red, coral red, pink, magenta, and copper are wound around a black thread core. I love the colour changes and it looks so autumnal to me.

The scarflette goes round your neck and is closed with three flower buttons in red, puple and orange. There is a lot of give in the knit (it has been knitted in ribs for this purpose) and it sits snug with a lovely ruffle at the bottom that keeps the top of your neckline warm (the bit where the coat always seems to let in a draft!). The top cleaves open slightly to flatter your chin line.

Above you can see the lovely flower buttons and the yarn in detail.

Stormy Seas Scarflette

This little number has been knitted from chenille yarn and then been decorated with more chenille and Italian fashion yarn. The chenille is a lovely stormy blue, the Italian yarn is a pale grey with strands and little papery bits sticking out of it, which gives it a feathery luxurious effect.

The construction for this scarflette is slightly different. It still sits snug around your neck but there's an added 'bib' that flows down from your neck in ruffles in pale grey and blue. If your coat doesn't close all the way up to your neck, worry not, this is the perfect scarflette, it will keep that delicate area warm that isn't covered by your coat.

The scarflette is also ideal to be worn over a jumper. Let it flow over your shoulder by moving the buttons to the side or let if ripple over your back and add style to a simple jumper.

For a bit of whimsy I've added three different buttons in a slightly lighter aqua colour.

Here you can see the soft velvetyness of the chenille and the feathery luxury of the Italian yarn.

Both scarflettes will go in my Etsy shop if you don't snap them up now. The chenille scarflette is £18, the mohair scarflette is £15 (plus P&P). Both are totally unique.

Other colours available for the chenille scarf: red, green, cream chenille.


  1. Oooh, nice! I particularly like the blue one, really cute with those ruffles.

  2. What a good idea Sybille. Cute little scarflettes, pretty buttons.

    I was wearing the very long green scarf you made for me this morning whilst up on the moors, it was blowing all over the place!!


  3. ooh they look really snuggly Sybille!
    Lovely :0)


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