Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annis' Black Wrist Warmers

I love the way these have turned out, all Gothic and deep black.

The pattern is the same as for the teal wrist warmers, but they look so different!

This pair is for Annis, but I'll have to make myself a black pair. I've always liked long gloves but they're so impractical - and when am I going to a ball these days? So, these wrist warmers are the perfect substitute. However, the next pair I'll make will be a simplified pattern. It takes me about 2 days to make a pair with this pattern... and I want them much quicker. Anyway, this pattern is copyrighted, so only good for presents, but I'd like to share the fun so have to make up my own pattern to sell them in my Etsy shop... Watch this space.

Here's the knotted pattern in detail:

What else am I up to? Well, there's the dark green chenille shawl which is finally nearing completion. I've decided on the right colour for the needle felted flowers and been busy all morning needle felting little flowers and a butterfly. There are still some more flowers I'll have to make, but I needed a break, it's quite hard on the arms and shoulders this needle felting business. Other things in the pipe line are: a burgundy wrap I started yesterday, a cream chenille and nettle shawl, more scarflettes and hats, more wrist warmers, and Snow White's necklace is still not done either. So many ideas, so many projects and sooooooooo little time...........................


  1. Damn, now I think I need to make myself a pair of black ones too :D

  2. Those are SMART in black! Very nice indeed!

  3. Annis says they are really really really really nice =}

  4. ah lovely-look forward to seeing your new projects :0)


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