Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ravelry - Knitting and Crochet

Those of you who like to dabble in a bit of knitting and crochet might be interested in this. I just joined Ravelry - a knitting and crochet website complete with forums, pattern pages, yarn swaps and a shop. (I probably missed something, but go and have a look for yourself!)

It's been recommended to me by Sanna, the lady I bought the pattern for the wrist warmers from. Check out her blog for some cool stuff! (There's a link on the left with all the other blogs for Piquant Purls as well.)

You need to sign up and wait for an invitation at Ravelery. Thought it would take much longer, but in fact it only took a few days and there it was waiting in my mailbox. :-)

Now, I just need to find some extra hours (or better even days) in the day and maybe do away with sleep altogether (sleep, apparently, is for sissies). LOL

... I just might see you on Ravelry...

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