Friday, October 31, 2008

Hard Graft and Treats

It's been a bit quiet on the blog front this week, despite half term - too much to do, too little time. BUT the hallway is decorated and all the jolly (yucky) yellow is gone and has been replaced with wonderful soft cream and sea foam blue/green. I am pleased to say it looks nothing like it did before. The door needs another coat of paint, but it's almost there.

So, to treat myself for all the hard graft this week I've been to the hair dresser today - and I am delighted to say the change is considerable here too - and tomorrow I am off to London to meet up with Caroline and Stacie to haunt the yarn shop near Waterloo station I Knit London. Hopefully, Caroline is going to help me with my yarn addiction and I'll get out of there again without spending a fortune.... Problem is they have my favourite yarn - Habu from Japan. Fingers crossed.

However, I've also been knitting and made another pair of wrist warmers, but this time I've changed the pattern slightly. They're longer, have a simpler cable pattern with a few extra bits. They're totally gorgeous and made from a dark grey cotton/cashmere mix. Lovely and soft. You'll see. I try and take a photo on Sunday and post it here.

Lots more things in the pipeline... Watch this space.


  1. No chance Sybille - I'm as big an addict as you are!

  2. Eeek! This is going to be expensive...

  3. Can we see a pic of your new haircut?
    Hope you have a good time in London.


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