Thursday, October 19, 2006


This necklace was made for Theresa. She asked me to make her something in "plum". Here it is:

I've tried to capture the dark purple as well as the violets and dark reds, amethyst, and rose colours all found in a plum. The necklace is strung on copper chain to give it a warm glow together with the other colours. When I think of plums I think of a warm fire, of red Autumn leaves, of cakes fresh from the oven...

I've used vintage beads as well as Giverny and Czech beads. The centre piece is an amethyst and (24 carat) gold heart. The gold works really well with the copper as it has a lovely rose gold shimmer rather than the more yellow gold.

The design is symmetric and quite Victorian in a way, however that was the way the beads wanted to be arranged. ;-) It's funny how some beads want to be hung randomly whereas other won't work unless it's a symmetric design. Odd that.


  1. Hi,
    I love the blue beads they remind me of a stormy sea sky, they go really well with the rosy-amethysty beads.


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