Thursday, October 19, 2006


This is one of my alltime favourites. Corazón means heart in Spanish and this set is made with beautiful turquoise hearts, all different and special, and turquoise drops, which have come all the way from China. The turquoise is more green than the normal blue turquoise and it's wonderfully touchy-feely. The red works really well, adding passion to the rather cool turquoise. This is one case where the random design seemed to work much better than a symmetric one. If anyone knows why, please tell me. :-)

I've used lots of different beads, drops and hearts in dark reds (the flash on the camera makes them look brighter red than they really are). To bring it all together on the blackplated chain I've used teal Magatamas (yes, I agree, no design is complete without Magatamas ;-)).

Above you can see the lovely texture of the turquoise.

The bracelet is a simple charm bracelet with drops and daggers in reds, beads in teal and dark red and real turquoise drops and a single heart. It looks stunning when worn.

The earrings use the turquoise drops, dark red beads and Magatamas hung from little fan connectors. They look so pretty when they're worn!

I was going to keep this one to myself, but my friend Liz bent my arm until I gave in.... So it's gone now. Sorry.

If you really like this (little wave to Fhiona), I can always make a similar one. Just drop me an e-mail. :-)


  1. I love the texture on the turquoise heart.

  2. this is gorgeous Sybille! I love the colours and the hearts! Stunning.


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