Thursday, October 19, 2006

Liz's Brooch

This is a brooch similar to the one I made for myself but larger and in red and black. I love the lusciousness of the red set against the shiny, glossy black shells. I've used vintage and modern beads and lovely smooth shells in red and black:

I made the brooch for my friend Liz who really liked the other one I made (you'll find this brooch at the bottom of this post: Shells and more shells, and then some)


  1. Lovely rich colours. Do you glue the beads together and onto the brooch back?

  2. Hi Penny,

    I occasionally use a little bit of super glue to keep the shells in place. They have a habit of moving where I don't want them. However, I use mostly fine jewellery wire in matching colours. The other shell brooch has no glue on it at all.


  3. Just came over from Gretel, your jewellery is gorgeous!


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