Thursday, October 19, 2006

Heart of Teal

This is another design where I've used different sizes and types of jumprings. I like the texture this adds to a design. This one uses real aquamarine nuggets and teal silverfoiled hearts hung from large rings and held together by oval and twisted jumprings, silvered wire bicone beads and the lovely connectors I've used in other designs. It's a very simple design but the lovely teal and pale blue look gorgeous together and the texture from the rings and connectors adds interest.

The bracelet uses just one heart and is reminiscent of the jewellery worn by 1940s film stars like Katherine Hepburn. The perfect jewellery to wear with a little black dress, or to soften a business suit, or just to add glamour to a pair of jeans. :-)

The earrings are lovely and dangly with lots of texture and shimmery, glimmery highlights.

1 comment:

  1. I just wrote a comment here and lost it!
    I love the big rings that you are using at the moment. We have been looking for silver ones, so far have bought brass (curtain rings!) and some plastic ones.


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