Sunday, September 30, 2012

Between Heaven and Earth

You may remember that I was 'head hunted' by the Trillium Gallery
a while ago. Some of my images are available as prints and framed/matted art.

Maureen, the owner of the  Trillium Gallery, was keen for me to showcase some of my more controversial art in the gallery. She liked it so much, she created a video to show it off properly. I am still totally flabbergasted by the amazing video she made, by the words she put to go with it and by the music created by Steve Rust. It made me see my own art in a totally new light.

Here are the page and video for you to see.
It uses images from the following series:

Fall from Grace
Almost Rock, Paper, Scissors
Bound I, II, II and IV
Prints of all the images are available on Trillium Gallery

1 comment:

  1. How exciting to see your work displayed like that - they've done a fantastic job.


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