Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Magic - Some Jewellery for a Change

Purple Magic Bracelet
This bracelet is made with two strands of leather (suede and smooth) and lots and lots of beads and charms (vintage and new) plus semiprecious and glass beads, lucite and shell and everything inbetween. The bracelet is wrapped around the wrist twice.

Wild Wood Magic Bracelet/Necklace
This bracelet is made with three strands of leather (1 suede 2 smooth) and lots of beads and charms: shell, mother of pearl, semiprecious, glass, wood, brass, copper, cashmiri and a lovely day of the dead flowery skull bead - too many to list them all.  This bracelet is wrapped around the wrist 3 times which make it just long enough to wear as a necklace, as shown below.
You can commission your own magic bracelet. The first design (wrapped around twice) is £25 + P&P and the second design (wrapped around 3 times, also wearable as a necklace) is £35 + P&P. Each can be made in any colour combination/theme you can imagine. I will choose the beads and charms according to your wishes and each one will be totally unique.

Just send me a mail using the contact button on the right-hand side (top of the page).


  1. nice to see some jewellery Sybille-looks really nice! :D

  2. Cooool! Love the way it can double up as bracelet/necklace!

  3. Hooray jewellery! I love the second one in particular, especially as it doubles as a necklace.


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