Sunday, March 27, 2011

Girl with Moths - Photo Manipulation

Subtitle: Desire

Another in my Girl with... series.

A little bit about the new series:

I've set myself a goal
  • to be inspired by old masters, 
  • never to use more than three elements (one of which is the image of a girl) and 
  • to tell a story with each one. 
Each image is 'framed' to look like it's been cut out of an old frame and made to look 'old' with crackles and lots of texture but with a modern twist in either the story telling or the way I use the three elements. It's far more complex than it looks as it takes forever to blend each element with the others and involves lots of adjustment layers to get the colour, depth and levels right to mix it all up. It also requires me to 'restrict' myself and to plan each image and its composition to the tiniest detail. 

There will be more, hopefully enough for another calendar. :-)

Backgrounds and Textures
Brushes and Actions
All other images/textures/stock/brushes my own.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you are having great fun with this series - they are all beautiful!


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