Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ivory Tower - Photo Manipulation

This is an odd one. Although I just did a 'Dark Tower' this has nothing to do with it nor with Stephen King. My son is doing his GCSEs next year so we had to do a lot of thinking about 'academia' and what to choose and where it might lead.

Even though I've been to university myself and got myself a degree, I've never been convinced that university and academia in general are for everyone. Our teaching methods and the way subjects are laid out don't always work. Most of the things that really matter to me I've taught myself. I often find the way we teach stifling, illogical and hermetic. New subjects and ideas trickle through only very slowly and often knowledge is doled out rather miserly. Living in Cambridge just underlines this - the animosity and contrast between 'town and gown' is quite strong.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think universities should be banished, but I'd love to see them more open and open minded. Hence the image.

Lots of 'visual clues' in this one... do you get them all? ;-)

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